What THQ Nordic means for Saints Row

What THQ Nordic means for Saints Row

THQ Nordic has officially acquired the German enterprise Koch Media. This includes its video game publishing division Deep Silver which owns the publishing rights to Dead Island, Metro, and our beloved Saints Row. Yes. Saints Row is back at THQ.. sort of.

‘THQ Nordic doesn’t mean the THQ we all know is actually back or that Saints Row has reclaimed it’s old “THQ style” or whatever. THQ is only back in a sense that Nordic Games realized the THQ brand has better recognition than theirs, so in 2016 they adapted it to their brand. Thus we have THQ Nordic.

So now, to be clear, THQ Nordic bought Koch Media. Not just Deep Silver or the rights to Saints Row. Saints Row and other previous THQ IPs being back under the brand is just serendipitous and nothing more. As their CEO Lars Wingefors puts it:


“THQ Nordic is convinced that the development studios of Deep Silver as part of THQ Nordic will successfully deliver at least four ongoing AAA game projects including Metro Exodus as well as the next Volition Studio AAA release and the next Dambuster Studio AAA release, together with a number of other game development and publishing titles.”


In other words, things are going to continue as normal for the studios. That isn’t to say this is totally unnoteworthy news – it’s good news! It means they’re going to continue to fund Volition’s next AAA release even after the massive failure AOM was.

Anyway here’s a video recap:

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  1. Cool, it does bring me hope that we will see more of saints row! (Hopefully more like 1&2) I can’t wait to see how the future unfolds.

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