What Happened to Agents of Mayhem

What Happened to Agents of Mayhem

Well friends, here’s what was supposed to be the final part of my 5 part Agents of Mayhem video series. Sorry, it’s a little late.

The Aftermath of Agents of Mayhem.

Here we are. Postmortem. There’s obviously a lot more I wanted to say about this whole thing, but I think everyone has grieved and moved on at this point. As I mentioned in the video, I knew from the beginning when I got the game that it was doomed to fail, but I kept the faith and hoped that at least the patches would resolve all the problems in time for it to recover and gain an audience of some kind… it didn’t.

After the first 2 weeks of the game’s release, the sales were awful, the bugs were awful, and I just found it increasingly hard to justify spending the time even making videos about it when I had better things to do. If it didn’t sell, then who the hell would watch a series of videos about it during the height of its technical problems? There’s no way I could make a video discussing the positives and negatives of the game when the negatives (bugs) were front and center. “Oh yeah, it’s a good combat game at its core, but you’ll crash everytime a Gravity Dominator spawns.” Pfft.

Therefore, I more or less boiled all the videos down to the last one: The Aftermath. You’re not going to get anything in-depth about the story or the activities. Those topics were originally meant for its own video (parts 3 & 4), and I sure as hell wasn’t going to elaborate and make a 50-minute long review in hopes of swaying anyone to get the game. There’s really nothing I can say at this point that will convince you otherwise. Yeah, I could go on about the lore, but the game was supposed to be the beginning of a franchise, and since sales ruined any chance of AOM2 going into production, why bother discussing it at all?

Hell, by the time I got around to even reviewing the final patched game, all I could think about was how little it mattered in the context of it all. Volition and Deep Silver released the game too early and were punished for it. No amount of patches or upgrades could change the public opinion. As I’m writing this, AOM has made it on at least 5 “Worst of 2017” lists. Rightfully so. It shouldn’t have been a 2017 title at all.

Regardless, Volition doesn’t deserve to be kicked while they’re down. The number of people foaming at the mouth begging me to rip this game to shreds has left me a bit alienated from the community. Yeah, it’s always fun to shit on game companies for doing the exact opposite of what the fanbase is buzzing about, but at the end of the day, we’re supposed to be fans. By cheering at their demise, what are we gaining? Nothing. We’re losing.

Feel no guilt that you didn’t purchase Agents of Mayhem during Q4 2017. You dodged a bullet. But understand that Volition’s intentions were good. Those who followed close know that the plans for this game were huge, but the base execution was too atrocious. In hindsight, they should have spent more time fine-tuning their new engine. Maybe released another minor title like Gat out of Hell to keep things busy while testing out their new software. Their ambitions were too big for this title to really live up to and it doomed the game even more.

Anyway, I hope the video gives you enough insight into how Marketing and Bugs killed the game. If you’re willing to give it a try,✨get the PC version on Steam.✨If you have any additional questions, let me know.






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