Volition Layoffs

Volition Layoffs

Volition fired over 30 of its estimated 200 employees today… and that is some of worst news we have gotten as a community. Plain and simple, this is fucked. This is a huge blow to the studio and in no such way is a good thing. I’ve heard people celebrating this as “we tried to warn you Volition!” and “HUR CALLED IT! NO ONE WANTED THIS!” I’m not going to name names… nah fuck it I will, Godzhand, WTFMan, and you other “fans” need to get a fucking clue. You two represent the acid of this community. I get it, we all love Saints Row 2, we all kept saying “return to your roots,” but how is this in any way healthy for us as a community? These are people that helped make Volition the awesome team they are, and you’re fucking proud that they’re gone? Unlike most game devs who shy away from our toxic asses, Volition devs have been fucking AWESOME in their communication and their community outreach over the years.


Giving away the unfinished Saints Row: Undercover PSP game, showcasing all the behind the scenes stuff on streams, openly talking about their projects. Volition has never been more awesome as a studio than these past years… so why are we still trying to antagonize them? Are you people fucking insane? Good luck having that high budget SR game with all those INTERIORS, and MULTIPLE ARC STORIES, and MULTIPLAYER when the studio is forced to downsize, you silly ass bitches. I guess that’s what the image above is suppose to represent. This ped is in the midst of dying in a car crash because he ran into a Helltrooper who dropped a bomb, but before he explodes, he gives one last smirk, as if to say “Hah, I sure showed them.” You sadistic bastards, don’t you see that whatever vindictive trolling you’re doing only hurts everyone?

Besides, I highly doubt any of that Saints Row shit played any part in the downfall of AOM. The downfall of AOM in my perspective falls on 2 things: Shitty Marketing and near DOA level bugs and performance on launch. In no way do I blame the game itself for not being more like Saints Row. Surprisingly I actually love the game and I’m still playing it after 150 hours.. but man was that launch rough. Too rough. And the current state is still too rough, but only around the edges. Ah I’m getting too far off track. Hope you enjoyed that little rant. Kind of a sneak peek of my final AOM video. Speaking of which I’ve got many reasons for the delays of the reviews but I won’t bore you with them. Let us now honor the good people we’ve lost at our favorite game studio:

Dan Cermak (General Manager, Vice President of Development, 2005)

David Payne (Environmental Artist and Weapon/Prop Art Lead since Saints row 2)

Chip Cheezum (Video editor, stream host)

…and others. These are the only 3 I know of right now. I’m sorry, kind of an anticlimactic tribute but unless they make themselves public, I don’t know how to honor them.

Anyway, on the brightside of all this, as soon as the news was announced many game companies began to use the hashtag #VolitionJobs as a way of reaching out to all the talent that was let go.


Nice to see some love in the games industry; especially refreshing after seeing the community’s comments. Mellow the fuck out y’all. This news in no way means Volition is going out of business, but it leaves me worried for the future.

One luv!



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  1. I respect the major game studios that are supporting Volition at this time. Much love.

  2. I don’t think people are happy because workers got laid off, I just think that when workers got laid off, fans thought “yeah, no shit” since everyone keeps asking for a SR roots game and they get another crazy SR type game.

    And yes, the SR shit played a part in the downfall of AOM. AOM is basically a Saints row from what I’ve seen just from the marketing. Crazy, over the top, some of the same characters, same Easter eggs, same logo, same purple everything, I’m sure there’s SR references. You can say it’s dofferent, I haven’t even played the game and everything looks like it’s based off of saints row. You got to give the people what they want, and that SR: AOM game wasn’t it.

    Too bad for those people though. That should not have happened to them.

  3. I used to worked at Volition many years ago. A great place to work, for the most part. A good number of people there moved on to other studios and thus they’re out to help their brethren when shit like this goes down.

  4. If “other fans” include Me, I never said I didn’t want AoM. I’ve always said that it just wasn’t my type of game, but was still open to try it and give my opinion on it.

  5. Sad to see this happen, Hope the people who got laid off go to work on bigger better games

  6. The marketing was fucking atrocious, they should have known something was up when their videos on YouTube had ~10k views when the pre-release videos for SR3 had millions. Garbage story aside, this game is really fun! Crashing every 30 minutes on release was unacceptable and they shouldn’t have released the game in that state

  7. When you have a dedicated fanbase and you constantly slap them in the face and mistreat them then you will over time see the consquences of it. I’m not saying it’s right to celebrate people being cut. But again people are angry and rightfully so. I actually wanted AOM to do well so they could keep it as the crazy outlandish IP and make SR back to being something that rivals GTA like it used to.

    And you add in how they were open etc etc. Yes they were and that’s all cool. But their twitter isn’t. You ask why SR 1 or 2 aren’t backwards compatible yet 4 is and got a stupid remaster not long after it. (which is wasted time/resources in my opinion.) they will just ignore you. And it’s fucked when the previous 2 games have more votes for such a thing. It’s that kind of behaviour that’s their undoing. It hurts not only to see a series I’ve been a huge fan of since it came out. Go down in flames. But the studio also start going down a dark path. (I own all of them and their DLCS and some other non SR Volition games.)

    But excuse my long ass reply/comment. I just wanted to add a different view point. I hope the people who lost their jobs find new ones sooner than later and are able to come back from such a shitty situation.

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