TPA: The Movie Trailer

TPA: The Movie Trailer

Here’s an old video I found on my laptop hard drive from 2008. Man, how time flies. This was never supposed to be an actual movie or anything, just something I threw together for the Homies. Almost every scene is an inside joke, for example, ‘Bradz Gay Bar’ was based on a gay Scottish kid who tried to ruin our gang rank. The car chase in Blinged Out Ride was a shout out to XboxKing. My toughest critic at the time, Celebi, killing me at the end.

Some other interesting facts: one of the ‘actors’ in this video ended up becoming a missing person in real life and he’s still missing to this very day. Frost is also in this video (during the ‘gay bar’ scene) and he’s currently serving time in a maximum security prison for connections to a double homicide involving a drug deal. Pretty bizarre to watch today. Either way, I miss them all and I will always have fond memories of my time with them.

Also, this is the second time I ever actually spoke in a video before. I was using a suuuuper shitty $5 RadioShack headset mic. Something that was poorly glued together by a child in some Godforsaken country. I used that mic for way too fucking long. Like 4 years, ahaha just listen to how shitty it sounds. It broke (thankfully) and that prompted my ass to buy an actual mic. Also check out the early VFX works, ahaha damn. For some reason I guess I didn’t understand how to anchor layers.. yeesh. I did however figure out a very clever way of completely removing to hud to make it more ‘cinematic.’ Ah anyway, hope you enjoy this piece of Flip History. New video WILL be up this week……… aheh. Enjoy.




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  1. I was actually browsing some old MrSaintsGodzilla videos yesterday and you had a cameo. I forget the context, I think it was a glitch video and there was just a little sound byte of you saying “Slap that ass, hoe!”

  2. How did you find out about what happened to frost and the other actor who became a missing person irl?

    1. Had them as friends on myspace and received the info from family and mutual friends. We played for years before that, were real close internet friends, then one day they’re just not on anymore :/ KidMurda was also a well known Saints Row player who died of a heart defect, though he wasn’t in this video. The community was close in those days.

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