Agents of Mayhem DLC

It’s unlikely to find a copy of AOM that doesn’t come bundled with the every DLC released for the game these days, but what the hey, here’s a review of them anyway on the off chance you bought the standalone game.


2008 Montage

An OLD unreleased MONTAGE FROM EARLY 2008!!! AHH Check it out if ya want a rare taste of those Multiplayer days. The song featured in the video is titled Blue Flowers by the great underground rapper Dr. Octagon. Sadly I got really bad feedback for including that song, but come on, alternative hip-hop is an acquired taste! Oh well, enjoy a trip down memory lane:


Saints Row Mobile Games

Here’s a dumb fun fact for your silly willy faces: The first Saints Row game to ever be released was made for Nokia Flip Phones. Mhm, you know it. Using a fucking dial pad to play poorly programmed games in java. Dear God, the wrath of gaming hath no bounds.¬†When we’re at the point of making and selling games that literally play worse than the Atari 2600 in 2006, you know we’re being desperate whores. But yes, there was a short-lived time when we played video games on a dial pad, and we also had a Saint’s Row game to play on it as well.


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