Stranded Status

Stranded Status

Well, it looks like your ol’ friend Flippy fucked up once more. Again, I seriously can’t get into the personal details of my life with internet strangers, but just know that things have taken yet another turn for the worse. I’m almost convinced that I’m cursed. If I try to make videos, something bad will happen to me in my life. Call it superstition, but there is a pattern.

At least 10 horrible events have happened to me in the last week of my life. Things I really can’t share because it’s completely out of context from anything I do online and let’s face it, you’re just here for the vidya games. I understand, but seeing how I still get those ‘why don’t you make videos!?’ questions, I’ll go ahead and share with you the least horrible thing so that things won’t get that personal and you’ll get an idea what’s currently happening.

In the States, I don’t own a car. Never needed one since I’ve always lived in studio apartments within walking distance to grocery stores, supercenters, strip malls, and what have you. Basically, I try to keep my life as convenient as it is in Japan. However, my current living situation is that I’m in the middle of nowhere. I literally mean fucking nowheresville. I could walk 5 miles and not see a major road in sight. Now not having a car in this situation is horrible, but I do know a friendly neighborhood tweaker who will give me a ride in exchange for some valium. Good times.

Well, this was a pretty nice system for us until yesterday when I don’t know what the fuck happened but things got weird. He was accusing me of not giving him his share quick enough, or he wanted me to suck his cock or something. I have no idea what that asshole was mumbling about but it was clear things were getting hostile. Ok, to be honest, I didn’t have any valium and was trying to pull an I.O.U. on the guy. I’m good for it, I swear! My prescription schedule fell on the wrong date and I had no choice. I offered money but the dude just really wanted those pills. Ah well, the next thing I know, he pulls over and kicks me out of the car in the middle of nowhere. I had a USB stick of the AOM vid, a TI-84+ calculator, and my vintage 1982 vans which I realllllly didn’t want to walk in because they’re so old they’re practically deteriorating. Shit’s rare.

Anyway, I walked for a solid 2 hours before I got a ride back home from a nice old farmer who let me ride in the mud covered bed of his truck.

[this paragraph has been censored because an autistic kid found it offensive]

Here’s a short video of my adventure yesterday. On the bright side, I ordered a mic stand thingy to make commentaries easier. So rest assured, if I’m spending money on video-making equipment, you’re absolutely gonna see a video. One luv!

p.s. if you’re wondering how I can upload this vid and not the AoM vid, it’s because this is a low-quality ass WebM file and the AoM vid will be 1920 60fps! I hope the quality is worth it, never tried it before 😮

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  1. God hope you get home safely.

  2. you hear about the 2 new realistic skating games being made?

    1. fuck yeah I have and I’m psyched

  3. finally a youtuber’s life story that isn’t full of clichés haha

  4. Can’t open that video file. Oh well.

    Sounds like the struggle is real for you. I would honestly just upload a couple second video on your channel that says “read description” and post a link to this, or another link for what you’ve been up to, since people don’t understand.

    Or, if you don’t want to do that. Just simply stay off of social media. If you want to use twitter still, just make a secret one so people don’t bug you.

  5. Hey man sorry to hear about the hard times, when it rains it pours. Don’t worry about the haters on your channel though, for every dipshit with a keyboard I can promise you got two fans who may not be openly loving you, but are awaiting new content nonetheless. That’s how youtube is. I was a member of the latter until I found this blog. I return to your channel every few weeks and wonder ” What happened to flippy?” and check if I missed a vid. Im excited for whatever you got on the docket and sincerely hope things get better! Sorry I can’t donate im poor too haha.

  6. Keep your head up, Fl1p! Things will get better, you know that!

    We love you. Stay in touch.

  7. Oh, shit, Flippy. Now I feel for you. This autumn was like the worst autumn of my life, every time some shit happened. Over and over. And it was very depressive, especially when I tried to make something awesome, but then new shit happened and I became exhausted and everyone was like “why don’t you do something? why are you always just whining how tired u r”.
    I hope everything will be ok, wish you the best of luck. Hope you’ll move out of this place someday.
    sry 4 ingliz

  8. Sucks I really just subbed to you and discovered your content I loved your videos, Honestly hope you clear things up Wish you well~

  9. Hah try nearly drowning try nearly getting run over try nearly getting bit by a dog try getting hit by a cat try having a loved one die try having to put down your dog try getting stabbed in the fingers try getting g punched try getting “fake” strangled and the person doesn’t know that their strangling you hard and dunnaly try having a hammer fall down hit you in the head and nearly kill you you out of all people think you have bad no you are just getting started so prepare for a life of shit my friend

    1. LOL, if you have to make it a pissing competition then you’re really letting it all go to your head, man. Calm down!

  10. You know flippy not all fans who are in sub subscribing are assholes its like imagined if you liked someone and they got. Paid for that then imagine they quit for ever and they still make money and also treating people that you’ll kill them with a lawnmower is probably bad for your mental health and its also childish so a big fan who is just tired of waiting and asks for a video deserves a horrible death by a lawn mower come on flippy your not evil your a good person and just seeding you this way makes me sad I have some advise go see a therapist or something us fans are worried about you

    1. Therapy costs a lot of money. I don’t have money. Also stop reading so deep into things man, lmao. Your comment is just so out of touch with what I actually said, I sincerely don’t think you understood the original post at all… how old are you??

      1. Me I’m not gonna tell you my age but I will tell you something therapy in Britain doesn’t cost a lot of money and our hospitals are free kinder eggs aren’t banned because there so “dangerous” and guns are banned because they are more dangerous than anything and finnaly we don’t care about trump or Hillary because we don’t have those problems so yeah hope you don’t ban this comment like you did with the last 3 commenters

        1. I didn’t delete any comments man. I actually approved them but they never showed up. Unless of course it was that kid ranting about me using autistic as a shade insult for the people who have a negative obsession with me. I mean yeah, go on your anti-American rant all day, I won’t read it. It’s not like I’m going to leave my life to get into Britain. Jeeze, just mellow out.

          1. Dude I don’t hate america I’m just making a point but I will be honest I do go crazy on social media like one time I literally kept on spamming hate comments on this poor kid so yeah just subscribed☺

  11. I really hope you made it home without any trouble

  12. Where do you live exactly? You don’t have to tell me I’m just interested

  13. Hey flippy i am a big fan and i was looking at the comments of your latest vid (never looked through them) and saw way too many comments saying shit on the lines of “fuck flippy hes just a fag that doesn’t care about his fans” i fucking hate that, and in that comment replys i saw a dude liking this page and it really helps clear shit up, honestly this page was not needed entirely (at least for me) and anyway it is your channel and you can do what ever the fuck you want, so yeah maybe alot of people would need this but when people comment shit like “i used to like this channel, but they wont upload for us” they need to realize that they don’t have to upload at all.

  14. So it’s been around a year and I still can’t tell… Were you actually in the middle of “FUCKING NOWHERE”

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