My Steelport is shutting down next week

My Steelport is shutting down next week

Just a friendly reminder that the My Steelport service on is shutting down next week. This is your last chance to save any characters or screenshots you have on there!

Sadly, I already lost all my cool glitched characters and stuff back in their old server migration years ago. The insanely glitched Avatar outfit, TRON suits, Nyteblade, firefighter, and floating head outfits are all going to be gone forever. Nah, just kidding. I have them all saved to my hard drive anyway. Give me a few months and I’ll have them uploaded.

For everyone else on the PC, visit Saints Row Mods for a tool that will help you extract your stuff off there. Better hurry, you only have until Wednesday. At least they’re telling us in advance this time *cough cough leaderboards*. 

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  1. if saints row 3 wins im renting about it

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