Saints Row PC Remaster (not gonna happen)

Saints Row PC Remaster (not gonna happen)

So everyone wants a SR1 remaster, or even a remake.. well it’s never going to happen.

Let’s keep things short and sweet. Volition is one of the smallest AAA studios out there and the last thing that they’re going to do is remake an ancient game. They need to make money after AOM flopped, and people aren’t exactly going to be busting down doors to buy copies of Saints Row 1.

But I won’t bore you with the details why here. Just watch the vid.

The vid


(As of this post, ALL of the Saints Row games are available on the Xbox One!)


So you wanna play some Saints Row on your PC?

Download this and download this. Put the two together and you get this:

Best of luck. If you can’t figure it out then you’re honestly better off.

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  1. I agree! It’s good to be vocal about it and get your point across and as you said that’s basically the only way atm for them to understand what the saints row players want. I never got a chance to play saints row because I had a PS3 but when I got saints row 2 it was a blast playing it and customizing my character.

    I did however hear a rumor about a saints ”row”master but that’s probably just a bunch of bullshit or something. I hope we see more saints row games that listen to what the fans want and take some of their ideas and thoughts and implement them into the game. It would be awesome to see another saints row game set back in the gangster days of then original 2.

  2. Didn’t they lose the source for SR1 when THQ went bankrupt?

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