Saints Row 1 – Vehicle in Penthouse (controversial)

Saints Row 1 – Vehicle in Penthouse (controversial)

In Saints Row 1, for every gang leader you take out, you gain a new crib. While Hector and William gave you a mansion, Ben King gave you a 20 story recording studio. Sadly, it has no windows and you have to warp into it, but with its warp function comes an interesting glitch that has stuck with the series for nearly every other sequel that followed it: The Vehicle in Penthouse glitch.

There’s 2 warp points. One in the front, one in the underground garage.

Park over it and you’ll get a notification to warp in. Press Y and to no surprise…

Hey would you look at that, what a neat little trick. Anyway check out all my other Saints Row 1 glitches here, and check out the extremely controversial gameplay of this glitch below!

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  1. im a huge fan of your channel and the saints row series, is there any other vehicles that can be taken into the building?

    1. Just about every vehicle in the game.

      1. Love the SR Glitch Vids Bro. Lol feel the trichomes

  2. Are you ok Flippy

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