Saints Row 1 – Running Underwater

Saints Row 1 – Running Underwater

Swimming has always been a fairly basic function in Saints Row games and it hasn’t really changed much since Saints Row 1. You jump in the water, you go into a smooth swimming state, and then you get a convenient little ‘Press Y to warp to shore’ function that takes you to the nearest spawning point.

As neat as swimming is, it’s totally useless for the most part because there’s nowhere to go! Once you jump in the water, you’ll float around for maybe 15 seconds, realize you’re swimming to nothing, then press Y. It wasn’t until SR2 did they start adding all kinds of cool caves and islands and shit to venture off to. However, as lame as swimming in SR1 is, there is a fun little glitch that will allow you bypass the swimming function and travel through the water a different way.

To start, go to the Suburbs District and drive as close to the cliffs as you possibly as you descend down towards the water. Be very careful not to fall into the water or turn over your vehicle!

So remember our old friend the invisible boundary wall? What you need to do is position yourself in such a way that the driver door is smack dab parallel to it. As you’re hugging this invisible wall, drive the front of your car into the water, then press Y. (For extra guidance, pay attention to my minimap)



And booyah! You will be jolted out of the car and into the bottom of the water. This state is just like the state your character is on land; you can walkaround, runaround, and.. well actually I suppose that’s it. But it’s a hell of a lot faster than the swimming state you’re usually put in, so feel free to explore the waters of Stilwater in a much better way. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the mehrman. 😮

Thanks for stopping by! Click this link to see all the current SR1 glitches I have posted. Gameplay of this glitch can be seen below.

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