Saints Row 1 – Out of Bounds

Saints Row 1 – Out of Bounds

The original Stilwater in Saints Row 1 was never meant to be an island city. Volition wanted to separate their design from the typical openworld boundaries solution of lazily surrounding the city with water. No, Stilwater would be different. Actually connected to a greater mass of land, yet designed in such a way that would still keep players confined to the city. Well, we saw how well that worked out for them.. 80% of the city is still surrounded by water and the concept was swiftly abandoned in the early redesigns for Saints Row 2. Still, a very noble design choice, and thanks to it, we can break the game a bit.

Okay so we’re going to the north part of the Apartments District for this one. (Technically you can do the out of bounds method anywhere, but this one flat strip of road makes it very easy to execute.)


So here’s the situation: Volition got lazy and just put up a thin invisible wall around the cliffs. The properties of this invisible wall are kind of wonky, the player isn’t allowed to pass through it, but virtually everything else can.

Because every object that isn’t the player can pass through, what you’re gonna do is park a car next to the dotted line, and then use another car to push it beyond that line.

The car will push right on through. ezpz.

Now get out of the car and go stand (or in my case have a seizure) next to the car you pushed through. Press Y, and like magic, you’ll warp in. Press Y again and you’ll be let out of the car and onto the cliffs – or just stay in the car and drive right up them. (Even though the cliffs look steep, you can Skyrim horse ’em)



You can swim to the north island once you’re out of bounds, but unlike the south side, there’s no collisions… which is bad. Once you touch the areas with no collisions, you go into a permanent floating state and will have to reload the game. Still, driving vehicles out of bounds is pretty fun and there’s a ton of jumps you can do out here. You can also see the sun and the moon underground with their effects turned off, which is pretty neato. Well that’s all for now, until next time, byeeeeee~

As usual, you can click this link to see all the current SR1 glitches I have posted.

And here’s some gameplay:


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