Saints Row 1 – Limo Launch

Saints Row 1 – Limo Launch

Greetings, friends. We’ve lurked in the depths of Stilwater for far too long. It’s time to aim for the stars. I’m going to show you a neat little trick that will put NASA’s Space Program to shame. First, you’ve gotta unlock the Westside Rollerz William Sharp Mansion. You’ve also gotta have The Job unlocked. You can unlock it via the Escort activity, or use the cheat #843562. Once all that is done, go into the backyard of the mansion and visit your garage.

Choose The Job. Btw, no other limo will work. The title “Limo Launch” is very deceiving though you have to admit it is catchier than “The Job Launch.”

Once you’re in The Job, park it about two-thirds of the way outside the garage. Check the image below, line up the arrows. It might take you some trial and error to find the sweet spot with this. Too far out and the vehicle will pop out of place, too far in and the torque will be unstable, or the limo will despawn!

Now run back to the Garage menu.

If you see a car behind the limo, then great! That means you’re in the right position as the limo hasn’t despawned because of the car behind it. From here you’re going to back out of the menu and run as fast as you can back to the limo!

Now you have to jump on the hood of the limo. Because you’re jumping on the hood of what’s basically a Hummer, you have to jump towards the lower part of the curve of the hood or else you’ll fail the jump, and a failed jump means you have to start from the beginning!

If you made the jump, then congrats! You’re done! The garage door will lower itself on the back of the limo causing you to catapult into the sky!


Golly! Now I’m going have a video for this.. soon. I had to sell my mic so.. yeah. No mic. No way of conducting commentaries. Flip falls on hard times! See you soon with more information about that! Anyway the video I make will be public on my main channel, so that’s basically when you’ll know that I’m back. Don’t come back to this site until then! BYE!

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