Saints Row 1 – Indestructible Taxi Glitch

Saints Row 1 – Indestructible Taxi Glitch

Years back in 2006 I made a whole tutorial series on Saints Row 1 glitches, but some time during summer 2007, YouTube terminated my account because they didn’t enjoy my taste in music. Too copyrighty. Lost hours of work, but ah well, whatyagonnado. Here we are 10 years later, and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. Throughout the month, I’m going to be reposting some of my favorite glitches from Saints Row 1, and we’re starting with a simple, yet effective one:

The Indestructible Taxi Glitch

First off, you’ll need either some pipe bombs or grenades.



Next, phone in a taxi using either of the following 2 sevices:

Eagleline Yellow Taxi Service – (555)018-0174

TNA Taxis – (555)455-8008


When the taxi arrives, jump on its roof, face the hood, and tap the left trigger to do a short throw. You’re basically trying to aim the bomb to land right in front of the car.


As soon as the bomb hits the ground in front of the taxi, tap Y to enter the vehicle. The NPC will then drive over the bomb, both you and the NPC will jump out of the car, and the bomb will explode. If you didn’t automatically eject from the vehicle, the glitch did not work. But if you did, then the taxi is now indestructible!


An important thing to note is that if the taxi happens to land upside down, it will still eventually explode due to the games destruction timer with overturned vehicles. This glitch only protects fire, bullet, explosion, and collision damage. Because of this, if you ever find your taxi upside down, you can just throw another bomb or shoot it with an RPG to turn it back upright, and the vehicle will function as normal. See the video below for some gameplay.

Overall, a really easy and useful glitch, especially for Drug Trafficking and Snatch. Now don’t y’all go anywhere just yet, I have some more Saints Row 1 glitches coming up later. Check back soon or click here to see all the current SR1 glitches I have posted. I’m going to now leave you with a ped scratching his ass.

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