Saints Row 1 – Glitch Plaza and Rooftops

Saints Row 1 – Glitch Plaza and Rooftops

I’m back with some Saints Row 1 stuff! This one is kind of a bundle. We’re going to be glitching on to a seemingly boring roof, and end up trapped in a little plaza with a giant tree in the middle. Sound good? Alright let’s go.

Get on the highway at the following location. Look for a semi truck in this area since this is where they all spawn. It doesn’t matter which one out of the three variants, but getting the one with a freight is just easier.

saints row 1 glitch map


Park the semi next to the fence that’s next to the northern rooftops.

Saints Row 1

Hop on top of the semi, and then on to the fence and then on to the roof. P.s. if you fall, you die!

Yay you’re on the roof!

From here you can use a grenade to do an explosion jump to the top roofs or the bottom roofs or to the bottom of the plaza. If you have no grenades on hand, you can hop from the window ledges safely to the ground below by following the guidelines below.

And now here you are. I hope you’re fucking proud of yourself. Now butter on up and check out all my other Saints Row 1 glitches here. Additional pics and gameplay below!

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  1. Gotta be honest god’s cameo voice appearance kind of caught me off guard.

  2. btw GTA 3 had TW@ which was released in 2001

    1. oops

      1. Hey, Flippy do you think you could do AOM vs Saints row 2?

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