Saints Row 1 – Drive Up Walls

Saints Row 1 – Drive Up Walls

Howdy, y’all. Hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July. Today, we’re continuing our Saints Row 1 glitching adventure by looking at a classic: the driving up walls glitch. You may recognize this glitch as being similar to spider biking in SR2. Though Saints Row 1 never had motorcycles, you can still pull off a similar glitch with vehicles. Unfortunately, despite all the potential this glitch has, there just aren’t many places this glitch will work. This is mostly due to how many ledges there are on all buildings in downtown. The easiest and more reliable spot to try this glitch is behind the hotel next to the airport.

So what you’re basically going to do is park a car parallel to the wall, drive into it a bit until the wheels grab the side and sucks your car sideways on the wall like a magnate. You can use almost any 4 door car for this, however the Five-O is by far the best vehicle to try this glitch. Hands down. Let the images below be your guide.




Once you hit the roof, jump out of the car and (hope) you’ll land on the roof. Yayyyyy!


Things are pretty glitchy up here. Expect severe frame drops and the skyscrapers of downtown vanishing.



Goodnight Boone



Gameplay below. As usual, you can visit this link to see all the current SR1 glitches I have posted so far.


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