Saints Row 1 – Chunk Load Exploring

Saints Row 1 – Chunk Load Exploring

Greetings friends. I bring you the final Saints Row 1 chunk loading glitch.. though not really because there’s like a hundred of them. If ya don’t know by now, the map of Stilwater doesn’t load up all at once. All the stuff on the screen would lag everything out and the game would explode. Like physically explode and blow up your xbox and kill everyone in the room. The blast alone would carve out a small crater in the foundation of your house, but I’m only speaking in a theoretical sense. To circumvent this disastrous mishap, the map was designed to load in small chunks. You’re only seeing the district you’re in live, every outside or distant district is switched to a low poly rendition of itself. The glitch we’re about to do will give us a closer look at this phenomenon since we’re are literally going to be walking on the edge between chunk loading spots.

Outside of Ben Kings crib a boulder. It’s beautiful. Majestic. I’m not sure who the designer of this boulder was, but God bless them. This boulder is very important for this glitch to work because we need the extra bit of elevation it gives us to hop on the fence next to the freeway. You may have recognized a trend with these fences; Volition clearly underestimated their strength as a barrier.


Again, I would like us to all take a moment just to recognize how amazing this boulder is. I can feel the power radiating from its very existence. Admire the shape of it. Truly a magnificent formation. If it wasn’t for it’s exact placement, the following stunt would be impossible.


Climb on the AMAZING BOULDER and pull out your RPG. Face away from the fence and aim down at the location I have marked on the image below. We’re going to basically do a rocket jump and that will boost us on top of the fence. Try not to aim at the corner or else you’ll fly over the fence and into the freeway below.. and trust me you do not want to do that. It’ll take you 5 whole minutes to climb back up here. It’s also a good idea to save inside the safehouse just in case.

Ayeeee! How cool was that! As tradition, every time you make it here be sure to say “Thank you, Mr. Boulder” for good luck and peaceful glitching.


Alternatively, you could have just dialed 911, hijacked an ambulance, and jumped up here the normal way. More consistent too.


ANYWAY, yay! You did it! Take a gander at this! An up close look at a low poly chunk stream since the game decided your character is in the freeway and thus shouldn’t see this area up close with all the fine details.


Sometimes it will unload completely.


And if you’re too fast for it to snap back and stream the proper collision data for the area, you’ll fall right through the ground and end up at our favorite spot to get high.

Welp, silly you. You’re now stuck in this horrible hell… again. Now let’s rewind a bit. Your life could have been different if you went the more adventurous way. Live life with no regrets. Let’s avoid King’s crib and see what magic awaits us to the right, over the freeway.


A big ass wall. Welp, not to worry, we’ve been in this situation before. Time to perform the amazing grenade jumpitty-doo-dah.

Now observe, you poor soul! You are the walker between worlds. Purgatory. What horrors will you witness out here in this forgotten land of the damned!?

Well, golly isn’t this nice!

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial Flippy! 🙂

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