Saints Row 1 Boxart Review

Saints Row 1 Boxart Review

Currently in Morocco. It’s beautiful down here, but also extremely dirty. With every outing I get at least 200 grams of sand in my shoes. It’s not a good feeling, but these uncomfortable feelings we feel in life are often the ones we cherish the most. They’re a reminder of all the hard work you’ve endured to achieve your goals. My goal in Morocco was to visit every flea market I could until I had every edition of Saints Row 1 in my collection. I’m pleased to say after 5 years of searching, my journey has come to an end. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy this long awaited review of the Saints Row 1 boxart.

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  1. flippy


    1. This is what happens when you try one marinara. Don’t do drugs kids.

  2. There are rape scenes in movies less disturbing then this.

  3. Your decent into madness has gone too far

  4. Man I was 11 when I first played this game. I remember everything in this video. Sadly my original copy was sold and the police book was ripped.

  5. are you okay flippy

  6. flip snort drug on shoe

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