How to play Saints Row 2 PC online – Multiplayer / co-op

How to play Saints Row 2 PC online – Multiplayer / co-op

On 2014-05-31, Gamespy shut down all their servers, officially breaking their support for online multiplayer and co-op on PC and PS3. Not to worry! These versions can still be played online through Tunneling software.

Essentially what this means is you can completely bypass the built-in Gamespy service and directly connect to your friend, or have your friends directly connect with you by simulating LAN. In order for that to happen though, you’ll need the right tunneling software. In this article, I’m going to guide you through 3 of the most efficient programs you can use to play Saints Row 2 online.




Pros: Nice UI

Cons: Includes a ton of other bullshit features you’ll never use, frequently fails to find host in game

Download: Download page

If you’re having trouble finding your partner, try following the steps outlined in the following thread:

1. For the Host. Start Party in Evolve. Invite your co-op pal. Tell them to wait.

2. Go in the Network and Sharing center in Windows. On the left click on Change Adapter settings.

3. Now right click on your Network adapter not your Virtual Lan Adapter (Evolve Gaming Connection) and select disable.

4. Load up Saints Row 2 and host a LAN game it will say waiting for player. Leave it and Alt + Tab to the Desktop.

Re-able the network adapter you disabled. Now wait for the Evolve Party to reconnect.

4. Tell your co-op pal to go ahead join and Alt + Tab back in the game.

Should work. If it doesn’t then you don’t have UPNP enabled on your router and you will need to manually open a port on your router or enable UPNP. Check the Evolve Help section for more info. Unfortunately, until a real fix is discovered, the Host will have to do this each time when playing co-op.




Pros: Extremely simple UI, No Bullshit

Cons: Requires much more work to set up

Download: Download page

Apparently, this method (much like the others) is hit and miss with results. Some get it to work fine, others can never connect. In case you’re having problems with this method, please visit for more info.

And in case you need to find anyone to play with, visit the #co-op-multiplayer channel on the Saints Row Discord Server:

Have fun!




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