Mayhem Knows guitar lick thingy

Mayhem Knows guitar lick thingy

Hey guys! I recently got a new¬†audio interface that allows me to connect my guitar to my computer, and so I decided to test it out with the infamous Mayhem Knows theme from Agents of Mayhem. If you want to play along watch the video below! (ft. Joan Jett’s Guitar)

Just play the scale degrees I-ii-iii-V-ii-I in the C Major scale and you basically have it. To give it that mayhem flair, be sure to slide to the fifth and resolve with a barre chord. Or just check out the tab below :p


Guitar Tab:

E |---------------------------
B |------------6/8------------
G |------7--9-------7---------
D |--10----------------10~~~--
A |--------------------10~~~--
E |--------------------8~~~---


Bye, agents :]

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