Making the Nintoaster

Making the Nintoaster

The Nintoaster

A project I built a few years ago, along with the original blog post. Doesn’t explain much but the pictures tell quite a fascinating story. Enjoy.

Richard has one, AVGN has one, and now FL1PPY has one. Here’s a throwback to the behind the scenes of how I built mine.



My nightmare…


3 days later…

rf box


This RF box can go die.


Funny story, this had to be done 3 times. See, when I bought the NES, it was only 5 bucks. So I thought that something was wrong with it. Sure enough, when I turned on the Nintendo, I got a blank white screen. With what little research I did about common nintendo problems, I thought the problem was the 72 pin connector — which after modding the Game Genie, would be fixed. Well it wasn’t. I first thought that the problem was a bad solder job, so I soldered it again. Same problem.

My next assumption was that I broke the NES by being too rough with it (See Image 1), but that wasn’t it either! So what the hell was it? Well it turns out that NES games are prone to getting dirty and then just flat out not work. I needed to clean the damn games first!!!



Huzzah! It works!

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  1. Pretty funny. I actually thought about this video a couple days before you posted this article. It’s very impressive. Especially how the knob on the toaster actually turns up the brightness for the LEDs. Looks like a fun project to do. I’ve never built anything like that, that involves taking things apart and electronics.

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