Contract Thriller: Maximum Mayhem Guide

Contract Thriller: Maximum Mayhem Guide

If you think the Contract Thriller achievement in Agents of Mayhem is an absolute nightmare, fear not, you’re not alone. Although you only need to complete 15 connected contracts in order to unlock it, just completing 1 can take hours. There’s no reason to sacrifice that much time for an unfun, flawed system. Follow this guide and you’ll unlock it with minimum effort. Let’s go!

There’s a reason why only 0.7% of players were able to get this seemingly simple achievement. The system is a flawed mess…

Maximum Mayhem Guide

So let’s abuse the system. Obviously, if you have any friends who own AOM, get them to help you, but odds are you have no friends who own AOM, and more likely you have no friends at all. No worries, homie! Ya boy Flips got you covered. Follow the video below and you’ll be able to one-man-army these contracts like they were nuthin’.






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