Connected Contracts in Agents of Mayhem

Connected Contracts in Agents of Mayhem

To the dismay of many, including myself, co-op is not a feature in Agents of Mayhem. However, you can still work with your friends or other players towards a completing a Connected Contract.

Contacts can be found in the missions menu at any time.

Agents of Mayhem contracts

As the image above explains, there will be new Connected Contracts generated everyday which you and others can work towards completing. Here are a few of them:

When you start a contract, you will have the option to start a public one or a private one for friends. You will also see a list of public contracts and friend contracts you can join. Because I have the game early, there’s not anyone here to play with yet (pls join my contracts when you get the game, ty). You can join or start up to 3 contracts a day, and the goals will usually be different.

Godzilla and I (and a few kind volition playtesters) were able to start the Special Forces¬†Connected Contract. The goal was that we all had to kill, and kill some more using our Mayhem and Special Abilities. I’m not sure if there’s a limit on players, but the most I’ve seen in my Contract was 4.

While the contract is active, you will receive updates via a little notification in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This updates periodically to let you know how you and your party is doing.


While it’s obviously not as good as co-op, I’m really glad they added this to their game. It was surprisingly exciting in a way too. With only an hour left in the contract, I remember messaging SaintsGodzilla “DO MORE MAYHEM ABILITIES!!! HURRY!!!” as we scurried together a plan to get the contract finished before it ran out. Sadly, we fell short of completing the contract by 30 kills. Whoops.

Anyway, hope this guide gave you some insight! There’s still more to talk about with Contracts, so join me next time when I discuss Global Contracts.



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  1. Hey, Fl1ppy do you think this game is worth $50? I found it for that price on a few websites, and I’m considering pre-ordering it.

    1. If you’re into combat games, yes. This game is addicting for it and I’m about 70 hours into it. However, do not look for a sandbox game here. It’s an action/adventure platformer with an open world. If you’re looking for a Saints Row title in this game, save your money.

    1. Lol, nice job!

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