What THQ Nordic means for Saints Row

THQ Nordic has officially acquired the German enterprise Koch Media. This includes its video game publishing division Deep Silver which owns the publishing rights to Dead Island, Metro, and our beloved Saints Row. Yes. Saints Row is back at THQ.. sort of.


Saints Row 1 – Limo Launch

Greetings, friends. We’ve lurked in the depths of Stilwater for far too long. It’s time to aim for the stars. I’m going to show you a neat little trick that will put NASA’s Space Program to shame. (more…)

Saints Row 1 Boxart Review

Currently in Morocco. It’s beautiful down here, but also extremely dirty. With every outing I get at least 200 grams of sand in my shoes. It’s not a good feeling, but these uncomfortable feelings we feel in life are often the ones we cherish the most. They’re a reminder of all the hard work you’ve endured to achieve your goals. My goal in Morocco was to visit every flea market I could until I had every edition of Saints Row 1 in my collection. I’m pleased to say after 5 years of searching, my journey has come to an end. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy this long awaited review of the Saints Row 1 boxart.


Saints Row 1 – Chunk Load Exploring

Greetings friends. I bring you the final Saints Row 1 chunk loading glitch.. though not really because there’s like a hundred of them. If ya don’t know by now, the map of Stilwater doesn’t load up all at once. All the stuff on the screen would lag everything out and the game would explode. Like physically explode and blow up your xbox and kill everyone in the room. The blast alone would carve out a small crater in the foundation of your house, but I’m only speaking in a theoretical sense. To circumvent this disastrous mishap, the map was designed to load in small chunks. You’re only seeing the district you’re in live, every outside or distant district is switched to a low poly rendition of itself. The glitch we’re about to do will give us a closer look at this phenomenon since we’re are literally going to be walking on the edge between chunk loading spots.


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