Volition Layoffs

Volition fired over 30 of its estimated 200 employees today... and that is some of worst news we have gotten as a community. Plain and simple, this is fucked. This is a huge blow to the studio and in no such way is a good thing. I've heard people celebrating this as "we tried to warn you Volition!" and "HUR CALLED IT! NO ONE WANTED THIS!" I'm not going to name names... nah fuck it I will, Godzhand, WTFMan, and you other "fans" need to get a fucking clue. You two represent the acid of this community. I get it, we all love Saints Row 2, we all kept saying "return to your roots," but how is this in any way healthy for us as a community? These are people that helped make Volition the awesome team they are, and you're fucking proud that they're gone? Unlike most game devs who shy away from our toxic asses, Volition devs have been fucking AWESOME in their communication and their community outreach over the years.

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Stranded Status

Well, it looks like your ol' friend Flippy fucked up once more. Again, I seriously can't get into the personal details of my life with internet strangers, but just know that things have taken yet another turn for the worse. I'm almost convinced that I'm cursed. If I try to make videos, something bad will happen to me in my life. Call it superstition, but there is a pattern.

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