ThugPro Guide

A guide on how to install and connect to ThugPro! The most amazing mod you will ever play for the legendary Tony Hawk series! This guide is about… 2-ish years old? I don’t know when I made it! All I know is that it’s not on here so… here ya go! Special thanks to the entire ThugPro dev team for being such an amazing group of people and helping me get some stuff started with this.


TPA: The Movie Trailer

Here’s an old video I found on my laptop hard drive from 2008. Man, how time flies. This was never supposed to be an actual movie or anything, just something I threw together for the Homies. Almost every scene is an inside joke, for example, ‘Bradz Gay Bar’ was based on a gay Scottish kid who tried to ruin our gang rank. The car chase in Blinged Out Ride was a shout out to XboxKing. My toughest critic at the time, Celebi, killing me at the end.


The WTFMan Saint’s Row Series Rant

April 6th, 2017. Thursday night, 10 pm. I joined the Saints Row Discord voice chat, slightly intoxicated. A few of the locals joined in. WTFMan, IrishCoffee, Woody, Owen, and Coolmcgroove. We all began to explore various highbrow philosophical topics. Merry talks of furry orgies, Syria, and of course, video games.  I was having a good time yucking it up with everyone when IrishCoffee suddenly proclaimed “Hey WTFMan, you should give Flippy your 30 minute Saints Row rant”….


Playing Saints Row 1 on the PC

It's highly unlikely that we will ever be returning to the classic days of Saints Row. The 'press A to accelerate' days, the 'call in a taxi' days. Those of…

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