Driving in Agents of Mayhem

So when I announced that I got Agents of Mayhem early, the first question I was asked was about driving and whether or not it would be worth a damn. If you didn’t know, SR4 was kind of notorious for making vehicles completely useless 20 minutes into the game, and that reputation seems to have carried over with Agent of Mayhem, but let me assure you that is not the case. Triple jumping is AMAZING in this game, but unlike SR4’s super jump, it’s purpose is to climb buildings and hop rooftops. For distance, you’ll need a ride, and in my opinion, driving in Agents of Mayhem is absolutely solid.


Agents of Mayhem Discussions

Previously released as a patron exclusive; I promised you guys this would be uploaded eventually and here it is. Just 17 minutes of pure talky goodness. We will split hairs, tackle the tough issues, but actually, we’re just going to talk about the good things AoM has going on for it and fuss about with what this means for the Saints Row series.


Agents of Mayhem Concept Art Leaks

Deep Silver and Volition’s latest video game IP Agents of Mayhem was announced last year during e3, but as the official website was launched, it became quick prey to web crawlers who discovered that a good portion of the website’s archives was open to the public. Inside these archives were images that revealed more about the game than was intended. The images were quickly deleted, but thanks to Cats, a member of our Saints Row Discord server, they were saved just in time for us all to see. Today we’re going to look at these leaks in-depth.


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