Saints Row 1 – Running Underwater

Swimming has always been a fairly basic function in Saints Row games and it hasn't really changed much since Saints Row 1. You jump in the water, you go into a…

Saints Row 1 – Out of Bounds

The original Stilwater in Saints Row 1 was never meant to be an island city. Volition wanted to separate their design from the typical openworld boundaries solution of lazily surrounding the city…

Scientology 2k17: A beginners guide to the future

Ever since I first learned about Scientology 15 years ago I have just been utterly fascinated by its very rotten existence. Through contact high alone, their heinous venom has left me fighting the symptoms of withdrawal. Indeed, for better or worse, I am infected with “America’s fastest growing religion.”


Saints Row 1 – Drive Up Walls

Howdy, y'all. Hope you had a safe and happy 4th of July. Today, we're continuing our Saints Row 1 glitching adventure by looking at a classic: the driving up walls glitch. You…

Saints Row 1 – Indestructible Taxi Glitch

Years back in 2006 I made a whole tutorial series on Saints Row 1 glitches, but some time during summer 2007, YouTube terminated my account because they didn’t enjoy my taste in music. Too copyrighty. Lost hours of work, but ah well, whatyagonnado. Here we are 10 years later, and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. Throughout the month, I’m going to be reposting some of my favorite glitches from Saints Row 1, and we’re starting with a simple, yet effective one:


Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX Supra Review

Bunnyhops. Barspins. Wheelies. These are things Fl1ppy doesn’t understand, for fl1ppy is a skateboarder. So when Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX was advertised, I brushed it off as a cheap cash-in on the growing extreme sports phenomenon. I was kind of right, except now years later I’ve decided to give it a real chance. I’m going to explore the wonders of the grand and forgotten past of Activision O2, and you’re fucking coming with me bitch. Let’s learn what the Hoffman has that the Birdman doesn’t.


2008 Montage

An OLD unreleased MONTAGE FROM EARLY 2008!!! AHH Check it out if ya want a rare taste of those Multiplayer days. The song featured in the video is titled Blue Flowers by the great underground rapper Dr. Octagon. Sadly I got really bad feedback for including that song, but come on, alternative hip-hop is an acquired taste! Oh well, enjoy a trip down memory lane:


Saints Row Mobile Games

Here’s a dumb fun fact for your silly willy faces: The first Saints Row game to ever be released was made for Nokia Flip Phones. Mhm, you know it. Using a fucking dial pad to play poorly programmed games in java. Dear God, the wrath of gaming hath no bounds. When we’re at the point of making and selling games that literally play worse than the Atari 2600 in 2006, you know we’re being desperate whores. But yes, there was a short-lived time when we played video games on a dial pad, and we also had a Saint’s Row game to play on it as well.


ThugPro Guide

A guide on how to install and connect to ThugPro! The most amazing mod you will ever play for the legendary Tony Hawk series! This guide is about… 2-ish years old? I don’t know when I made it! All I know is that it’s not on here so… here ya go! Special thanks to the entire ThugPro dev team for being such an amazing group of people and helping me get some stuff started with this.


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