Agents of Mayhem – Clipping Out of Bounds (The Squeeze Method)

SaintsGodzilla showed me this neat little out of bounds trick a while back, and now I’m gonna pass this knowledge along to you! Unfortunately it was immediately made obsolete when easier (and more exciting) methods were discovered such as ramping over the barrier with a vehicle, bouncing over the barrier with a dark matter bubble, or flying directly into the barrier at hyperspeed. Nevertheless, I’m gonna document this method here as well because I can foresee it being used in many other situations as well. Let’s begin!


The Hidden Genius of Neil Breen

Let me transport you, back, back to the far off year of 2005, over ten years ago. We were halfway to 2010. At the time we had no idea what the future of cinema would hold for us, on one hand we had great films people will remember for years to come, like Batman Begins, Brokeback Mountain, and Sin City. On the other hand we had films that depicted a bleak future, a future of forgettable films laced with bland meaningless plot and awful effects that exist for no proper creative credence, such as Star Wars Episode III, Alone in the Dark, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Notice how all of the things I mentioned were either based on a preexistent property, a remake, or a sequel. Yet in this huge wave of films with huge budgets and all released by huge companies all for the sake of money, there was a film that completely stood out, a film made solely from sweat, tears, a passion. That film is the Neil Breen directorial debut, Double Down. (more…)

Saints Row 1 – Chunk Load Exploring

Greetings friends. I bring you the final Saints Row 1 chunk loading glitch.. though not really because there’s like a hundred of them. If ya don’t know by now, the map of Stilwater doesn’t load up all at once. All the stuff on the screen would lag everything out and the game would explode. Like physically explode and blow up your xbox and kill everyone in the room. The blast alone would carve out a small crater in the foundation of your house, but I’m only speaking in a theoretical sense. To circumvent this disastrous mishap, the map was designed to load in small chunks. You’re only seeing the district you’re in live, every outside or distant district is switched to a low poly rendition of itself. The glitch we’re about to do will give us a closer look at this phenomenon since we’re are literally going to be walking on the edge between chunk loading spots.


Making the Nintoaster

The Nintoaster

A project I built a few years ago, along with the original blog post. Doesn’t explain much but the pictures tell quite a fascinating story. Enjoy.


Driving in Agents of Mayhem

So when I announced that I got Agents of Mayhem early, the first question I was asked was about driving and whether or not it would be worth a damn. If you didn’t know, SR4 was kind of notorious for making vehicles completely useless 20 minutes into the game, and that reputation seems to have carried over with Agent of Mayhem, but let me assure you that is not the case. Triple jumping is AMAZING in this game, but unlike SR4’s super jump, it’s purpose is to climb buildings and hop rooftops. For distance, you’ll need a ride, and in my opinion, driving in Agents of Mayhem is absolutely solid.


Saints Row 1 – Vehicle in Penthouse (controversial)

In Saints Row 1, for every gang leader you take out, you gain a new crib. While Hector and William gave you a mansion, Ben King gave you a 20 story recording studio. Sadly, it has no windows and you have to warp into it, but with its warp function comes an interesting glitch that has stuck with the series for nearly every other sequel that followed it: The Vehicle in Penthouse glitch.


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