AOM Character Animation Demos

One of the greatest things about Agents of Mayhem are the character animations. Though it might seem insignificant to the gameplay, it actually adds tremendously to the experience. The animators who worked on AOM are absolute masters at their craft, but unfortunately, most of them are no longer with Volition. Since the layoffs, a few animators have added their work on AOM to their portfolios. Here’s a look behind the scenes.


Agents of Mayhem Animation Rough Cuts

A charming thing about Agents of Mayhem is that it uses 2d animation in place of cutscenes. Much like an actual TV show, every boss has an “episode” dedicated to it, and the game ends in a “season finale“… uh, I think it’s safe to call it a series finale now.


Mayhem Knows guitar lick thingy

Hey guys! I recently got a new audio interface that allows me to connect my guitar to my computer, and so I decided to test it out with the infamous Mayhem Knows theme from Agents of Mayhem. If you want to play along watch the video below! (ft. Joan Jett’s Guitar)


Saints Row 1 – Limo Launch

Greetings, friends. We’ve lurked in the depths of Stilwater for far too long. It’s time to aim for the stars. I’m going to show you a neat little trick that will put NASA’s Space Program to shame. (more…)

Volition Layoffs

Volition fired over 30 of its estimated 200 employees today… and that is some of worst news we have gotten as a community. Plain and simple, this is fucked. This is a huge blow to the studio and in no such way is a good thing. I’ve heard people celebrating this as “we tried to warn you Volition!” and “HUR CALLED IT! NO ONE WANTED THIS!” I’m not going to name names… nah fuck it I will, Godzhand, WTFMan, and you other “fans” need to get a fucking clue. You two represent the acid of this community. I get it, we all love Saints Row 2, we all kept saying “return to your roots,” but how is this in any way healthy for us as a community? These are people that helped make Volition the awesome team they are, and you’re fucking proud that they’re gone? Unlike most game devs who shy away from our toxic asses, Volition devs have been fucking AWESOME in their communication and their community outreach over the years.


Saints Row 1 Boxart Review

Currently in Morocco. It’s beautiful down here, but also extremely dirty. With every outing I get at least 200 grams of sand in my shoes. It’s not a good feeling, but these uncomfortable feelings we feel in life are often the ones we cherish the most. They’re a reminder of all the hard work you’ve endured to achieve your goals. My goal in Morocco was to visit every flea market I could until I had every edition of Saints Row 1 in my collection. I’m pleased to say after 5 years of searching, my journey has come to an end. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy this long awaited review of the Saints Row 1 boxart.


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