Agents of Mayhem DLC

Agents of Mayhem DLC

It’s unlikely to find a copy of AOM that doesn’t come bundled with the every DLC released for the game these days, but what the hey, here’s a review of them anyway on the off chance you bought the standalone game.

For the DLC agents and their missions, I’ve dedicated a video for it. Please watch below:

Here are my favorite skins from these three and their source material!



Gat P.I. – a reference to Magnum P.I. starring Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum



Titan – Attack on Titan!


Kinzie Possible – Kim Possible


And many more! I show off most of the DLC skins in my videos but you can see the entire list here:

I didn’t go over the other DLC skin packs in the review so lemme just explain my thoughts here. They’re not something I’m on board with. In fact, I hate the idea of charging for cosmetics especially when there are other things this game could have used.

The skins are sexy ass hell, don’t get me wrong, but $2.99 is a little much for a game that gave such little focus to skins in the first place. Gremlin tech would have been better. Maybe some different Mayhem and Special abilities to choose for your agents.

Salty rant aside, I’m not sure what else to say here, they’re about 3 bucks for 3 outfits. If you think they look good and are worth it, then pick it up. I think they look great, but I’m still left with the burden of thought that no matter how much you pay to look good in this game, Agents of Mayhem is still Agents of Mayhem. Take that how you will.





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