Agents of Mayhem – Planetarium Launch

Agents of Mayhem – Planetarium Launch

Greetings! Today I’m gonna show you something fun you can do with your fingers in Agents of Mayhem. Head on over to the planetarium and see if you notice anything suspicious.

Well take a gander at what we have here… No! Not the poor anti-aliasing, the dome! This thing is usually closed until you enter the grounds of the exhibit where you’ll then see it open up.


So we have a basic event trigger, except the script isn’t concerned with the player’s origin, rather the camera’s origin. The cool thing about this is that when you open the map menu, it does this quick fly away skew as it brings up the UI. That camera movement basically reloads the script as if we just walked back into range of the planetarium exhibit.


So now exiting the map menu takes us back into the planetarium exhibit and thus the ‘open hatch’ script is once again primed… except the hatch is already open! So what does it do when you unpause the game? Quickly shuts the hatch so it can run the script as normal. If you happen to be on the hatch while this happens, you’ll shoot out of the area!


This launches you so fast that if you stand at just the right spot, you’ll go flying into and through the barrier!


Awesome! Check out some gameplay below and go give it a try yourself!



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