Agents of Mayhem Patch v1.05 Released + Carnage a Trois Skins Pack

Agents of Mayhem Patch v1.05 Released + Carnage a Trois Skins Pack

AOM ain’t dead yet my friends. Volition still supporting their game with updates is a testament to how much they care and believe in their product. This one is a big boy and will probably be the final patch we’ll see. Patch notes are as follows:


• All Agent vehicles are now equipped with a weapon that fires a circular shockwave, affecting nearby vehicles and people. It can be activated with: PS4 – Circle button, Xbox/PC gamepad – B button, PC keyboard – Q key.



• PC: Agents of Mayhem now supports CPUs without SSE 4.1/4.2 such as the AMD Phenom and Phenom II. While the game should now run on these CPUs, they are below minimum requirements and we do not offer technical support.


• There is now clearer audio/visual warning when the current agent is at low health. Squadmate icons also show low-health, so you can better decide which agent to swap to.
• LEGION takebacks of Outposts no longer loses previously completed Relic Trading Companies or Gremlin Meetups.
• A countdown timer on the map now shows when LEGION’s Outpost takeback offensive will start.
• LEGION can now only retake a maximum of 3 outposts, always leaving at least one in player control.
• The SQUAD menus now indicate unspent skill points via a green “+”, and new core upgrades via a core symbol. The DEPLOY menus indicate new skins via a shirt icon.
• The contracts list now uses icons to show the different goal types. They are also now sorted by Agent name, so all contracts for an agent are grouped together.
• Joule’s damage has gotten a buff
• Agent-specific contracts now only require that agent to be in your current squad. You no longer have to be directly controlling that agent.
• LEGION lieutenants that appear in the open world (Ariadne, Hammersmith, etc.) now drop fleurs when defeated so you can revive downed specialists after the fight.
• The shard-finding upgrade now solely uses 2D map distance instead of taking altitude into account.
• The maximum number of simultaneous Hate Machines in the open world has been reduced to 3
• One of the random load-outs for the Pride Bot was borderline impossible to beat. Its stats have been reduced.
• Moving platform elevators on MAYHEM controlled Outposts no longer need to be hacked again.
• After loading into the Ark, the agent can move immediately, instead of having to wait for the current animation to finish.


• Fixed long delays in mission conversations that could occur during driving objectives. This was most noticeable on the PlayStation 4.
• Braddock’s agent vehicle is no longer set to the default after finishing her personal mission.
• Fixed dialogue in Braddock’s personal mission that could repeat depending on how Hauser took damage.
• Rama’s unlock mission now displays the “call vehicle” tutorial even if the Agent vehicle is already spawned.
• Fixed possible infinite load screen when entering the VR section of Red Queen.
• Objective icons for the Heaven Sent “Go to Planetarium” objective now work correctly if the marked mission vehicle is ignored.
• Objective icon on Red Card’s vehicle is now correctly removed if his personal mission is aborted.
• Opening the SQUAD menu during an Agent mission no longer has a chance to crash the game


• Fixed pedestrian spawning issues that could cause them to suddenly appear out of nowhere
• The hack icon for the Master Programmer Outpost can now be completed even if the boss fails to appear
• Fixed the long delay between hacking the antenna at the first LEGION Outpost and getting the completion screen.
• Hate Machine, Drop Pod Launcher, and Ice Barrage no longer silently clear LEGION alert level when destroyed.
• The Gravity Dominator will no longer pick up vehicles that are important to other gameplay, such as the target of “destroy vehicle” or in Hollywood’s Personal mission.
• Floating chests are now correctly aligned with the ground.


• Failing a Wreck Room challenge while the mission briefing objective is displayed no longer hangs the game.
• Fixed hangs caused by returning to the ARK in unusual circumstances, such as right before the entire squad dies.


• Pausing right as a cutscene ends no longer hangs the game
• Gremlin Tech status effects are now correctly applied to Joule’s turret when the “Haute Couture” elite tech is used.
• Rama’s bow now behaves correctly if the menu is opened while the bow is in a drawn state.
• Agent “arrival in Seoul” voice lines now correctly play after teleporting in to the city.
• Poison Gas in LEGION lairs now renders correctly if you leave the room and then return (instead of being invisible and still causing damage.)


• The “Hardcore Gamer” achievement can now be completed by replaying missions at difficulty 7+. You no longer need to be at that difficulty the first time through, and Agent missions are no longer counted towards the achievement.
• The “Hello Ladies” achievement for unlocking all vehicles now works correctly on PC (previously fixed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in patch v1.04.)
• Team skin achievements (e.g. “Three’s Company”) are awarded the first time the skins are equipped (instead of having to remove them, then put them on again).


• The Relic Trading Company completion screen now reflects the additional income from the “Madigan Bank Investment Portfolio” agency upgrade.
• Fixed various issues with “NEW” icons displaying incorrectly or not displaying at all.
• The agent roster grid no longer overlaps other UI elements when more than 12 agents are unlocked.
• When joining new connected contracts, the progress meter shows the correct completion percentage instead of always showing 0%.
• Agent missions no longer have duplicate text in their descriptions on the map and mission log.
• Added messaging if the target in “Acquire Vehicle” is destroyed or the captive in “Hostage Rescue” dies.
• The messages after destroying LEGION Tracking Equipment no longer overlap.
• Red “required kill” triangles now show on the city map
• Gremlin Meetups after the initial tutorial visit now remind you to return later for more Gremlin Tech.
• Fixed the Global Conflict timer being displayed incorrectly in certain circumstances
• Onscreen text now reads “COMPLETE” instead of “TASK COMPLETE” when finishing an open world activity.
• Usage of the new Agent vehicle shockwave weapon is now part of the tutorial for Heaven Sent: Down to Earth.
• The Vehicle Bay and Squad Load-out screens now give info about where to find vehicle and Agent skins
• Corrected the description of Intel on the Inventory screen in regards to how it is earned


Click here for the official patch notes.


In addition to that the Carnage a Trois Skins Pack was released today:

Yeti – Kapitan Kirlov / Apparatchik


Daisy – Derby Daisy / Fiery Grave


Braddock – El Riesgo / Sulaco



Good stuff all around. With this finally done, hey, it’s time to finally release my “final thoughts video.” It’ll explain everything.. well not everything. Apologies. This is why I try to never make promises. Thanks for your continuous waiting, or your support, or whatever it is you guys do. I’m going to leave you with a pic of Daisy’s ass.


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