Agents of Mayhem Discussions

Agents of Mayhem Discussions

Previously released as a patron exclusive; I promised you guys this would be uploaded eventually and here it is. Just 17 minutes of pure talky goodness. We will split hairs, tackle the tough issues, but actually, we’re just going to talk about the good things AoM has going on for it and fuss about with what this means for the Saints Row series.

Shot in glorious 1920×1080 60fps, but sadly my computer couldn’t even do that properly so there’s a bit of frame droppage in the vid. Can’t win them all! I’m making a tough choice here but I’ll probably just return to a lower quality for future videos. I dunno, you let me know if it’s worth it.

Some other screens that never got used in this video:

I kept reminding myself to actually put this in the video somewhere but in the end I forgot lol. 20 minutes in photoshop gone to waste :<


This fan art was going to be used in the original intro which was waaaaaaay different than the cold opening I gave in the final vid.


The sex doll scene was longer and much more disturbing. Probably for the best I cut it down to what you see in the final.


Unused ending screenshot



Some other official game screens and concept art that never hit the timeline:



You can find all the unreleased concept art in my previous post here.






That’s about all I feel like sharing I guess! Obviously, I have a ton of other footage and stuff that didn’t make it but I honestly can’t upload it all, barely could even get this! Anyway, thanks for waiting and believing in ya boy. Next video in 2019 😉

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