Agents of Mayhem – Clipping Out of Bounds (The Squeeze Method)

Agents of Mayhem – Clipping Out of Bounds (The Squeeze Method)

SaintsGodzilla showed me this neat little out of bounds trick a while back, and now I’m gonna pass this knowledge along to you! Unfortunately it was immediately made obsolete when easier (and more exciting) methods were discovered such as ramping over the barrier with a vehicle, bouncing over the barrier with a dark matter bubble, or flying directly into the barrier at hyperspeed. Nevertheless, I’m gonna document this method here as well because I can foresee it being used in many other situations as well. Let’s begin!

Before you deploy into Seoul, you’ll need a bulky agent that can dash like Hardtrack, Yeti, or Redcard, and a petite agent┬álike Fortune, Scheherazad, or Rama in your squad. You also need to have an agent that can climb walls.

Now deploy to the Southeast warp point and then immediately go straight south. You might recognize this spot as (spoilers) one of Babylon’s final battle grounds. This area is inaccessible for most of the game until you hack an in-mission platform to get up here. With our amazing Saints Row 1 glitching knowledge, we know that we can access many forbidden areas by finding the tallest vehicle in the game and then using it as a platform to jump off of. We’ll be using a similar glitch in this situation! Find a large vehicle such as a tour bus or emergency responder, hijack that sucker, and park it right up here against the wall.


Now jump on the roof of it and switch to an agent that can climb. Perform a triple jump, and then finally a wall climb to land onto this electrical transformer thingy. After that, triple jump onto the above floor.

Now head over to the main terminal but stay on the bottom floor. Here you’re going to find some boxes stacked against the wall directly under the terminal. Switch to your small agent and squeeze in between the wall and the boxes.

It’s a tight squeeze…

But Fortune doesn’t seem to mind… *cough cough* ahem… ANYWAY, now switch to your bulky agent, face the wall, and begin to spam the dash button like crazy!

Freedom! Now navigate your way out below and keep heading south until eventually you reach the epic glitched city of Seoul. Now how many other spots can we find that allow us to use this squeeze method?




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