Agents of Mayhem Animation Rough Cuts

Agents of Mayhem Animation Rough Cuts

A charming thing about Agents of Mayhem is that it uses 2d animation in place of cutscenes. Much like an actual TV show, every boss has an “episode” dedicated to it, and the game ends in a “season finale“… uh, I think it’s safe to call it a series finale now.

Ahem, anyway, it was a great aesthetic choice while it lasted. Powerhouse Animation did a decent job giving us (around) 27 minutes of pure 2d mayhem. From their portfolio:

 Volition was so great to work with. […] We took their existing animatics and spruced them up, and we are so thrilled with the way everything turned out! We made economical suggestions when it came to using various camera angles. One of our favorite parts of the game that was creatively left up to us, was when Persephone Brimstone has various holograms popping up over her desk. We got to create something really phenomenal out of nothing and couldn’t be happier with the final product.

For those of you who are in the small AOM super-nerd category and would like to see more, I was able to obtain these rough cuts. Enjoy!

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