A peek at Session and the status of Skate 4

A peek at Session and the status of Skate 4

After a disappointing e3 press conference, EA has left Skate fans empty-handed once again. Without many options out there to fill the void of skateboard games in 2018, creā-ture studios has stepped up to the plate and created what may dig the skateboarding genre out of the grave. Or will it? Let’s take a look at the pre-early access demos of their breakout game Session.

The Overview:


The Extra:

The previous video was made in a bit of a rush and I had to cut a lot of cool stuff out, so check out this video that includes some bonus footage!

Okay, but what about that skilled session gameplay?

Phant4sm has got some gnarly tricks. He makes use of a few glitches with the new catch mechanics, but nevertheless, these tricks require serious skill.


Grinspiracy has some incredible lines in this edit. Creative use of park spots and every line is performed with finesse. And check out that ender!


What can I say? Grinspiracy is an incredible Session player and definitely one to follow. Even though this video relies heavily on glitches, the gameplay includes some of the best session skill I’ve seen.


But what about Skate 4!?

A series of disappointment. Here, let me take you through what we know so far (which is very little). The company in charge of developing the Skate series, EA Black Box, became defunct in April 2012 after a series of lay-offs. The last game in the Skate series, Skate 3, was released in 2010.

The fans want more. There’s no question about that. Pro skaters in charge of the world famous internet skate hub The Berrics campaigned for it in 2016, even Tyler the Creator expressed his desire to see the series continue.


Some official Skate 4 hope

At the beginning of 2017, Senior Manager of EA’s Community Engagement Team Daniel Lingen tweeted ‘#skate4‘. That’s it. We all collectively lost our shit for a while, but after no follow-up, it became clear that his tweet meant literally nothing. Skate fans once again had to accept the possibility that the Skate series was gone forever. Daniel Lingen resigned from EA to work at Twitch just a year later.


Skate 4 leaked Pre-E3?

Just before E3, someone discovered that Electronic Arts had renewed the trademark for the Skate franchise. Soon after that, EA switched ‘Skate 3’ servers back on. Around the same time, world-famous skateboarding photographer Atiba Jefferson shared this on his instagram:


And then Proskater Curren Caples shared this photo of Atiba while mentioning Skate 4. Coincidence?


And then, papa Flippy??

Nothing. E3 came and went and we’re now back in the dark about the future of Skate 4. Will it happen? Most definitely, or at least I think so. I wouldn’t be surprised if Skate 4 had a PC release either. Tokyo 2020 is going to introduce skateboarding to the world as an Olympic sport and with the success of Session’s kickstarer campaign, it shows that people still love skateboarding, and they still love skateboarding games. If EA passes this opportunity up, creā-ture will have to carry the torch.

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  1. Been waiting for something about skate games.

  2. Interesting read, sucks though that there’s no news about Skate 4 (yet), but I must admit that Session looks promising!

  3. EA doesn’t care what the fans want, but one they see how much money Session makes, I wouldn’t doubt we’d see Skate 4 shortly after.

  4. From what I’ve heard recently I think the Skate 3 servers are back online.

  5. I saw your cheat videos and the Pokémon red/blue there’s another secret that involves Missingno. If you do the process, and run away from the glichemon what ever consumable item is in the 6th place will gain about 115 of that item, I’ve known this cheat since the 99. I was 9 years old and luckily never caught one. My game never crashed after performing this trick. That I know of, I’ve had red and blue since the 90’s and so far so good, still Running strong

  6. When are you going to post your yooka laylee review I have been waiting for a long time now

  7. There’s a new skating game on steam for early access called skater xl that’s like a mix between session and skate but it’s really smooth and you can stylize your tricks a lot

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