Contract Thriller: Maximum Mayhem Guide

If you think the Contract Thriller achievement in Agents of Mayhem is an absolute nightmare, fear not, you're not alone. Although you only need to complete 15 connected contracts in order to unlock it, just completing 1 can take hours. There's no reason to sacrifice that much time for an unfun, flawed system. Follow this guide and you'll unlock it with minimum effort. Let's go!

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How to play Saints Row 2 PC online – Multiplayer / co-op

On 2014-05-31, Gamespy shut down all their servers, officially breaking their support for online multiplayer and co-op on PC and PS3. Not to worry! These versions can still be played online through Tunneling software. Essentially what this means is you can completely bypass the built-in Gamespy service and directly connect to your friend, or have your friends directly connect with you by simulating LAN. In order for that to happen though, you'll need the right tunneling software. In this article, I'm going to guide you through 3 of the most efficient programs you can use to play Saints Row 2 online.

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AOM Character Animation Demos

One of the greatest things about Agents of Mayhem are the character animations. Though it might seem insignificant to the gameplay, it actually adds tremendously to the experience. The animators who worked on AOM are absolute masters at their craft, but unfortunately, most of them are no longer with Volition. Since the layoffs, a few animators have added their work on AOM to their portfolios. Here's a look behind the scenes.

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